5 Easy Ways to Sell Your Product Online

Taking the first step to start selling online is huge, especially if you’re not tech savvy. There are so many options, but which one is right for you? We took a look at some of the lowest barrier to entry options for selling online so you can choose the best option for your business.

1. Create an Etsy store.

A very popular way to sell a product online, especially when a business is just getting started, is through an online store like Etsy.

  • Pro: Quickly set up a store using the guided setup and template process
  • Con: Seller fees added onto the products you sell
  • Pro: Immediately gain visibility to a large audience of buyers
  • Con: Market saturation with so many similar stores and products on the platform

2. Add a PayPal purchase button to your existing site.

This solution is for the business owner who already has a site, but needs a way to start to process payment.

  • Pro: Easily add a payment button in minutes
  • Con: Doesn’t include product and inventory management
  • Pro: Accepts a wide variety of payment options
  • Con: Navigates the user off of your site to complete payment

3. Create a SquareSpace site.

These sites tend to require a bit more advanced design knowledge of really make the most of what you’re paying for the platform.

  • Pro: Lots of photo-centric templates to choose from to fit your business needs
  • Con: Limited integrations with third party tools
  • Pro: It’s an all-in-one solution, so they have the basic tools to cover most of what you need to get started
  • Con: Pricing is a bit expensive, and that comes without any phone support

4. Use a Shopify plugin or store.

This solution is one of the most flexible options when it comes to selling online, especially for those who want to be able to customize their shop.

  • Pro: Easily add on additional features or customize to fit your needs
  • Con: Keep an eye out for transaction fees on top of monthly pricing
  • Pro: Utilize the embedded cart easily without navigating from the page to complete the purchase
  • Con: Need to be a bit tech savvy to make the most of the customization functionality

5. Use Square to process payments online and in-store.

This is especially a great option for businesses who want to sell in-person and online.

  • Pro: Easily merge online and POS purchases in one system
  • Con: Doesn’t accept PayPal payments, which is key for online stores
  • Pro: No fees other than the credit card processing fee
  • Con: Doesn’t include product and inventory management

Each method of selling online comes with a variety of pros and cons depending on where you are in your business. Next step: Start marketing your business!


Paige Soucie