Game Day Influence

The Goal

Campus activation.

The SEC Nation College Game Day tour was coming up, and AT&T wanted to make sure they had stadiums packed and students excited. The traditional methods weren’t working how they hoped, so they needed to find a more innovative way to communicate with a large audience in a short period of time.


The Solution

Micro-influencer takeover.

Ampsy was brought in to find a new way of engaging the on-campus students. We partnered with TeamEpic on behalf of AT&T to identify micro-influencers at the schools 30 days before the tour started. They activated the influencers, who were then able to increase social buzz around the events.

The Result

Touchdown, AT&T & SEC.

By engaging students who already had influence on campus, we were able to get our message out to more students through more authentic channels. This method increased attendance by 87% over the previous year, making the campaign a complete success.