We are Sparkitects

More than a clever play on words, it's what makes us different. We exist to instill the confidence and direction necessary to ensure great ideas have a fighting chance to reach their full potential.

Our DNA.

We are entrepreneurs first.

We believe in doing what’s right for the idea, not what’s most lucrative for us. Nothing is more frustrating than meeting a fellow entrepreneur, months or even years in, thousands of dollars down and nothing to show for their spark other than disappointment and regret.

We put trust and respect above all else. By treating every project as our own, we move fast, and only advise tactics that we believe will drive the desired results. We understand the value of a dollar and more importantly, time.

Our sparks.

We do, because that's all we know.

Just like you, we dream. Big world-changing ideas and silly little passing thoughts, here are a few of our team's active sparks.

Hyper-local social listening.

Handmade goods from found materials.

Making playtime fashionable.